All SBUs are provided a pre-determined number of registration fee waivers and discounts available for their clients. 

Should you need to waive the full $1,250 conference fee for your client and/or cover any of their expenses, you must first seek BU Head AND Compliance Team approval.

  • First, assure the request is approved by your BU head in writing and a project code has been provided for bill back purposes.
    *For those seeking a <50% discount for their client, this is the only required step.


  • Next, submit the client/prospect information via the online compliance tool

    • Scroll down to click “Gifts, Entertainment, and Travel Pre-Approval Request”

    • See Convercent Dashboard and click “View My Disclosures”

    • Under My Disclosures, click “New Disclosure”   

    • Select "GIVING Gifts, Entertainment, Travel"

    • Download this guide to assist you in answering all questions

  • Compliance will review and respond within 1-3 business days if there are no issues with the submission and depending on volume at any given time.

  • Once Compliance has approved the request, please share BU approval, Compliance approval and Project Code to Marcy Levine and appropriate registration code will be provided for you to share with your approved clients.

Questions?  Message Compliance through your online submission or email

Why does Cognizant typically grant waivers and discounts?

  • Repair Client Relationships

  • Promote Good Will

  • Contract Renewals

  • Conference Awareness

  • Incentive to Attend for Large Organizations

  • Pending New Business


Who does Cognizant typically grant waivers and discounts to?

  • Clients of New Company Acquisitions

  • Clients with New Add-on Solutions

  • New/First Time Client Attendees

  • Board Members

  • Premier Clients

  • Prospects

  • Client Session Presenters


All utilized registration fee waivers and discounts are billed back to the authorizing BU.

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