Special events are pre-planned small to large events that the client-facing associates arrange prior to the conference, taking place at nearly any point during the conference. Special events do not include entire markets.

Special events may take place at the BU Head’s discretion and conference budget. Special events can be held onsite, at the conference’s location, or at an offsite location. These events must be planned at least 6 weeks prior to the Conference start and must be approved by the BU head in order to take place. 

All expenses that are result of your event are billed back. These expenses include:
•    Food and beverage 
•    Alcohol consumption 
•    Service fees
•    Tax
•    Gratuity
•    Bartender fees
•    Entertainment
•    Transportation (bussing or car service)


To request special events, contact Marcy Levine at Marcy.Levine@Cognizant.com or call (908) 838-8373 with questions.

A Note about Market Dinners

Beginning in 2019, there will be no market dinners taking place on the second night of the conference. 

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