Monday, May 24 - Thursday, May 27, 2021


200+ Million Lives are Supported on One or More of Cognizant's Software Platforms

Cognizant brings an unprecedented level of resources, expertise, and commitment to help our clients improve
interactions and outcomes for more than 200 million lives.


Our portfolio of TriZetto Healthcare Products are focused on the biggest challenges you face. Plan your experience at our event and discover our solution offerings below, all of which will be featured in sessions and the Solution Showcase at the Cognizant Healthcare Conference.

Care Management Solutions

Our approach to care management starts with Clinical CareAdvance® and CareAdvance Provider®, solutions that together deliver full care management capabilities across utilization, case and disease management. These solutions transform care management into an automated, data-driven activity that delivers more targeted, effective health information and wellness campaigns. The outcome is improved interactions with members and providers.


The ClaimsExchange service is integrated with the QicLink™, Facets® and QNXT™ enterprise core administration systems to seamlessly connect healthcare payer organizations to a vast network of PPOs for electronic claims routing and re-pricing via a single point of connectivity. This automated service has highly configurable routing rules to support complex workflows, real-time re-pricing in conjunction with Cognizant’s line of TriZetto network management solutions and the exchange of fraud and abuse data with trading partners.


Our ClaimSphere suite is focused on helping payers and providers navigate the value-based shift and drive overall quality improvement. The results are faster care gap closure, increased operational efficiencies, better patient outcomes and improved quality of care.

Cognizant Business Consulting

From strategy and planning to implementation and optimization, we help you adopt new business models, seize new market opportunities and enable technology innovation.

  • Consumerism
  • Integrated Health Management
  • Health Intelligence & Analytics
  • Operational Improvement
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Investigative Services
  • Digital Transformation

TriZetto Connected Health Solutions

Connected Health Solutions deliver engaging consumer-like experiences to members and providers for efficient, intuitive self-service. Powered by the SaaS-based TriZetto Digital Platform, these solutions deliver consistent, accurate and the most current information available on-demand to drive more informed decisions, optimize health outcomes, achieve new operating efficiencies and reduce costs for all stakeholders.

Digital Operations

Our industry‑specific business process expertise can help you redirect and refocus valuable resources, giving you the financial flexibility required to focus on core competencies and innovate for the future. We offer business process solutions across configuration, front-end processing, claims administration, enrollment, billing, credentialing, and more.

TriZetto Elements®

Meeting the complex data processing and compliance requirements of Medicare Advantage, managed Medicaid and Commercial Exchanges in a timely manner is critical to your success. Our TriZetto Elements® suite of capabilities extends the functionality of your core system with the features you need, providing critical capabilities from enrollment through risk adjustment to efficiently drive these lines of business forward.

TriZetto Facets®

The Facets Core Administration platform, trusted by more than 75 healthcare organizations, consists of a rich set of modules that allow payer organizations to meet their business requirements while positioning them for growth and change. With scalability to meet the transaction needs of the largest healthcare plans, Facets addresses the needs of Commercial Group, Individual, Consumer-Directed, Managed Medicaid, Medicare Advantage and, Part D, Disability and Specialty health plans. In addition to its core modules, Facets includes an entire ecosystem of Cognizant’s TriZetto Healthcare Products and third-party applications that extend its features and functions.

Cognizant® Healthcare Business Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS)

Payers can address these challenges with the Cognizant® Healthcare Business Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) solution. Leveraging a pre-integrated technology ecosystem with proven processes and experienced people, this integrated software and services solution applies a series of levers including process optimization, digitization and large-scale efficiencies—to help payers achieve new levels of operational efficiency and effectiveness.

TriZetto Robotic Process Automation—Powered by HPA (TriZetto RPA)

TriZetto Robotic Process Automation—Powered by HPA (TriZetto RPA), is the first of its kind native RPA solution for users of TriZetto Facets® and QNXT™ Core Administration Systems. Designed for frictionless adoption, the Robot Marketplace offers users a comprehensive in-platform portfolio of pre-built, yet fully customizable, healthcare robots to transform manual tasks into scalable, reliable automated solutions.


The Trizetto NetworX Suite is comprised of the NetworX Pricer®, NetworX Modeler®, and NetworX Payment Bundling Administration™ solutions. Together, these highly flexible and easy-to-use applications increase administrative efficiency of provider networks, support health plans in their compliance efforts with Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement standards, and help manage the cost and quality of care through innovative reimbursement programs.

TriZetto Optimization Software Products

Cognizant’s TriZetto Optimization Software Products are designed specifically to automate and simplify operational tasks associated with our core healthcare technology solutions, Facets and QNXT—tasks such as migrating and managing configurations, keeping security data synchronized among environments and speeding the auto-enrollment process.

Healthcare Business Consulting

Cognizant Business Consulting services use proven methods and strategies to help healthcare organizations transform and compete in this ever-changing environment. Whether it is strategy and planning, program development and implementation or business optimization, healthcare organizations have long relied on Cognizant’s Healthcare Business Consulting.


The QicLink Enterprise Core Administration system is specifically designed to support third party administration of today’s complex self-funded plans. QicLink maximizes efficiencies through automation; enables seamless transactions between your providers, members and within your plans; and delivers affordable, integrated access to innovative vendor solutions that help you manage risk.


The QNXT Enterprise Core Administration System is a configurable, rules-driven, end-to-end core administration solution with demonstrated scalability, flexibility and reliability. It supports multiple lines of business on a single core platform, including Commercial, Individual, Medicare, Medicaid, Duals, Consumer-Directed Health and Specialty. QNXT’s vast array of functions and full solution suite of modules include everything a payer organization needs to manage their data and operations.


A one-stop shop for provider data management, Cognizant’s TruProvider solution is an integrated provider management platform. TruProvider cohesively operationalizes the key functions of the provider lifecycle by integrating robust workflows, SLA tracking abilities and role-based dashboards.

TriZetto® Touchless Authorization Processing (TTAP)

TriZetto Touchless Authorization Processing (TTAP) is a proven, effective tool that enables payers and providers to streamline authorization workflows. The application provides a real-time, cloud-based prior authorization portal that automates the request and approval process while ensuring all approvals follow established guidelines.

Value-Based Benefits

The Value-Based Benefits (VBB) Solution allows plans to design and administer incentive programs to encourage members to do what it takes to care of themselves. It is fully integrated with the TriZetto core administrative systems, Facets® and QNXT™, allowing health plans to personalize incentives at the health benefit level for individual members.

Technology & IT Professional Services (Cloud & Infrastructure)

In addition to hosting and managing your infrastructure, we can ensure that your healthcare applications like Facets® and QNXT™ are always optimized and running smoothly. Our application management services include 24/7 management and service desk monitoring.

TriZetto® Connected Interoperability Solution

Built on the same SaaS-based platform as the TriZetto Connected Health Solutions,Cognizant delivers Interoperability services and products to support our client’s interoperability compliance initiatives and beyond. We can customize our solutions to meet the client’s unique interoperability needs and business objectives – from advisory and business optimization services to modular, SaaS deployed products.