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See innovative solutions come to life with some of the newest advances at the sessions featured in the Innovations Gallery.


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Advancing a Platform Strategy Across Payers and Providers: From Revenue Cycle to Population Health, See New & Innovative Ways we are Enabling Differentiation in this Space


See new innovative ways we are extending your investments, responding to changing market demands and offering solutions that allow you to adapt to this changing healthcare landscape. In this session, we will discuss the use and re-purpose of Payer claims data, Quality data, consumer data and financial data. As healthcare continues to move to more of a Consumer-centric and value-based world, these strategies will need to be contemplated.

What to do When Machines do Everything: 21 (More) Jobs of the Future


The rise of AI is fundamental to new breakthroughs in healthcare. But even when machines “do everything,” there will still be lots for doctors, nurses and healthcare payers and practitioners to do, it just won’t be the tasks we’re doing today. Based on new research from Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work, this session will present actionable advice and guidance on how to navigate the Age of AI, Algorithms and Automation and explore the new healthcare jobs of the (not too distant) future that are emerging. You never know -- one day, YOU might be doing one of them!

Enterprise AI in Healthcare (Automate, Augment, Engage, Analysis)

This session will address the need for and enterprise-wide approach to artificial intelligence, and four things AI will do in healthcare today: automation, augmentation, engagement, analysis…and the need for a different technology. Join us for an operational approach for each area.

The Future of Care: Enhancing Community Health & Well-Being


Designing for well-being is complex. To build healthy communities amid this complexity, it is essential to begin with a human-centered understanding of the challenges and opportunities people face today, while also imagining how life might change for tomorrow. This session will explore the important role of community and social factors in determining health and care options, and examples of how social determinants of health, design and insights can help play a role in realizing the larger vision.

TruProvider - A Comprehensive Provider Management Solution


Cognizant solution for provider data management enabling payer organizations to efficiently operationalize, engage and comply with regulatory requirements.

The Future of Interoperability: Requirements for a New HIT Era

While HIPAA legislation established patients as the primary owners of their patient data, they are the least likely stakeholders to have access to it. Over the past several decades many meaningful attempts have been made to increase patient access. However, industry barriers have proven too great to overcome. New regulations are posed to address the barriers to ultimately increase interoperability and patient access. This session will discuss the future of interoperability and the steps healthcare organizations will need to take to ensure a smooth migration into a new HIT era.