The Healthcare Conference constitutes a very large expense for Cognizant. We must all be diligent in creating an event that is cost effective for our organization. Conference expenses will be monitored very closely before, during and after the conference. All associates must be approved to attend the Healthcare Conference through a formal request process in order to reserve any travel or accommodations. If you are not approved to attend the conference and have attempted to be present, your accommodations will be immediately cancelled, and you may receive disciplinary action.


Following official notification of attendance, you are permitted to book your travel through Concur. It is only through this application that you are permitted to book Healthcare Conference travel and record expenses. These expenses are closely monitored, so be sure to follow the guidelines as prescribed by Cognizant. The HCC planning team is not responsible for booking travel or hotels. To view Cognizant’s standard travel policies, click here.




HCC takes place Sunday to Wednesday. Accommodations should be for 4 nights and no more than 5 nights if distance being traveled requires arrival or departure a day before or after the conference.  Extended stays beyond this should be pre-approved with your manager.

1. Reservations

All hotel reservations must be made by the responsible associate through the link provided when you are officially approved to attend the conference. DO NOT book your hotel through any other method.


2. Potential Hotel Bill Backs

The Healthcare Conference carefully budgets hotel expenditures, including the number of rooms reserved for the Conference’s block. Given the anticipated number of associates in attendance, Cognizant guarantees a number of rooms to the hotel block. If the number of rooms we have guaranteed is not utilized, Cognizant gets billed for the remainder of rooms. This attrition is an avoidable expense to Cognizant.


To avoid attrition, all associates MUST reserve their hotel at the hotel instructed, using the Passkey link provided by the planning team after they have been approved to attend. If an associate attends the conference, but stays at a hotel of their choice. That associate’s BU will be incurring expenses both for the room they chose, and the room they did not utilize. This is not negotiable.


Additionally, if you have booked a hotel room, but do not use it due to a cancellation, your BU will be billed back for that stay.


​3. Rules

  • You must receive confirmation that you are approved to attend the Healthcare Conference prior to reserving your hotel room.

  • You must reserve your hotel room at the hotel instructed by the HCC planning team, and no other.

  • If you find that the hotel you’ve been assigned is full, please contact the HCC planning team. Do not reserve your hotel room at another location.

  • Non-approved Cognizant associates are not permitted to attend the conference or reserve a hotel room. If you are not approved to attend the conference, but you have reserved a room, your room reservation will be cancelled immediately.

  • You are permitted to have one room reservation within the prescribed dates of the room block. You are not permitted to have more than one room under your name, or to book rooms for colleagues, friends or family members. The room block is available only to associates, partners and clients.



All meals will be provided by the conference, with the exception of breakfast on Sunday.  Meals should not be purchased if they are already being provided and will not be approved for expense purposes. Any meals totaling over the limit provided by Cognizant for the day will be flagged by the expense review team and could potentially not be reimbursed. Log in to Concur to review meal expense rules.


Be prudent regarding purchase of high-end items (like expensive wines, etc.).  Lavish choices can be viewed as excessive spending by our organization from the client’s perspective. These expenses are monitored by Cognizant.


Activities not covered by the conference or within the T&E Policy guidelines should be charged to a personal credit card and not to your hotel room or corporate card. The only activities that associates may participate in, at a cost to their BU, are optional leisure activities that take place in client attendance (see next section).



Optional leisure activities are activities planned outside of the general Healthcare Conference agenda, that are optional and at a cost for all clients and client-facing employees. Leisure activities include golf tournaments and tours.



It is recommended that you register for leisure activities in order to interact with Cognizant clients. You must register for these activities during the associate registration process. If you choose to register for leisure activities after you have already registered without them, you may log back in to your account using your confirmation email, and alter your registration record.


Items Billed Back

All leisure activities are billed back to the authorizing BU. The project code you have entered during your registration will be the project that will be billed back for the optional leisure activity you have chosen. Estimates for leisure activities are included in

  • Rules

    • Do not register for leisure activities that overlap each other. You will be billed back for both activities, even if just one was utilized.

    • All cancellations are still billed back if HCC has been billed for it by the hotel or other service agency.

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