Goals for the 2019 Conference:

  • Promote the Cognizant Healthcare message under the following framework:

    • Digital Business​

    • Digital Operations

    • Digital Systems & Technology

    • Providers & Health Systems 

    • Life Sciences

  • Target all key client segments

  • One Cognizant healthcare organization, to include all recent acquisitions

  • End-to-end, comprehensive solution set that we bring to market

  • Help our clients pursue digital to advance their business leadership, with a focus on 2019’s digital growth imperatives

  • Strategic partnerships

How can we be successful?

  • Compliance to new policies & procedures: Continue to make our conference a premier event that is professionally and consistently managed by all associates

  • Cost effectiveness: Adhere to the guidelines presented about associate attendance and expenses

  • WinZone compliance: Be sure that all activity that takes place at the conference is accounted for in WinZone, so that we all may demonstrate return on investment for this conference and continue to participate at an optimum level

    • Special attention paid to Solution Center interactions 

    • Careful tracking and attention to leads & contract agreements that take place at the conference


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