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Executive one-on-one meetings take place in the hotel’s suites and are scheduled by Cognizant’s client-facing associates who wish to schedule meetings with their clients and our executives. The HCC planning team works closely with our executives’ assistants to schedule time with our executives during the conference. These meetings are based on executives’ availability during HCC.


Executive meetings always include food and beverage and are a good opportunity for clients to engage with our executives. A full list of executives will be available prior to the conference and the request must be made by submitting the form here.


Email Maria Luis-Brown@cognizant.com or call (908) 693-3173 with questions.

Managed Executive Calendars for 1-1 Meetings:

  • Kaushik Bhaumik

  • Vinayambika Kidiyur

  • Ralph Alewine  - PCC ACAU

  • Makesh Bharadwaj – PCC CCE SBU

  • Sanjay Subramanian – East SBU

  • Mallesh Kalary – Mid-Atlantic SBU

  • Surya Gummadi – West SBU

  • Rajkumar Thirunavukkarasu – PHS SBU

  • Bryan Ness - NNL

Billed back items include:

  • Food & beverage

  • Rental of additional AV equipment, including Polycom systems

Executive One-on-One Meeting Request Form