Below are the types of additional events and meetings. Explore more information and submit requests for each type of event on the right. 


All client-facing associates, executives and subject matter experts may schedule client meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to allow time to discuss products or services, conduct a demonstration, or negotiate potential business.

  1. Executive One-on-One Meetings take place in the hotel’s suites and are scheduled by Cognizant’s client-facing associates who wish to schedule meetings with their clients and our executives. The HCC planning team works closely with our executives’ assistants to schedule time with our executives during the conference. 

  2. Private demonstrations occasionally take place in the private meeting rooms inside the Solution Center. 

  3. Pop-up Client Meetings, or impromptu client meetings sometimes take place during the conference, and are not usually planned for ahead of time due to their last-minute nature. These meetings must still be requested from the HCC planning team in order to ensure you have an ideal environment to meet with clients.


Special events are pre-planned small to large events that the sales team arranges prior to the conference, taking place at nearly any point during the conference.

Special events may take place at the BU Head’s discretion and must be approved by executive leadership. Additionally, these events must be closely budgeted.

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