Virtual I August 10-13, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend a different session other than what I registered for originally?


Yes. If you want to attend a different session, you can access your registration detail section and make the update.


Are we able to register for the Demo Showcases?


Yes, like the sessions you must register for the Demo Showcases.   During the registration process when you land on the session selection page, there is an area to select Demo Showcase to reference what demos are available. 

Should I register for the Keynote Speaker, Cognizant Update & Closing Remarks?


In order to participate in any of the “special events”, you must register for each one individually. The options are available during the registration process on the Session Selection page.

When will I be receiving the session links prior to the virtual conference beginning?


You will be receiving your selected session links two days prior to the conference.

Can I share my login with a colleague to attend sessions?


Unfortunately, you are not able to share your login information with your colleagues.   Everyone will have a dedicated login specifically for them.

Can I access my session on any device?


Yes, you will be able to access all of your program details including links via any device.

How do I determine if sessions are “live” or “pre-recorded”?


Every event throughout the four-day conference will be noted on the Web Site as to whether it is “live” or “pre-recorded”.

Define a “live” event versus a “pre-recorded” event. 


Streaming live means the event is “live” from start to finish.   “Pre-recorded”, means the content will prepared ahead of time, with “live” Q&A at the end of the session and a “live” chat throughout the session.

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